Value-Added Services for Stand Alone (Autonomous) Power Systems

Matrix Energy offers a variety of Value-Added Services for complete Stand Alone (Autonomous) Power Systems to supply DC and/or AC loads for telemetry, solar LED lighting, road and rail traffic signaling, telecommunications, remote homes & cottages and other applications requiring electrical power where conventional utility power is unavailable or cost prohibitive.

Matrix Energy’s technicians are amongst the most experienced in eastern Canada.   In addition to supplying industry leading components ranging from photovoltaic modules, inverters, voltage controllers etc. our value-added services include:

* System design;
* Supply of engineered drawings and/or electrical schematics;
* Pre-assembly of insulated or non-insulated NEMA2-4X battery enclosures or “powerboards” comprising single or multiple industry leading inverter/chargers, switch gear, terminal blocks, fuse and breaker assembly, surge/lightning arrestor, charge controller and wiring between terminal blocks, batteries and load breaker assembly;
* CSA certification (optional);
* Export crating and shipping logistics.

Past projects include battery and control system enclosures for our installation partner serving the City of Toronto; traffic signaling systems for CN Rail; various Lighting systems for the Montreal School Commission (CSDM), the Cities of Montreal, Beaconsfield, and St.Jean sur Richelieu in Quebec, Canada; remote telemetry systems for Asea Brown Boveri in Chile and back-up power systems for use by numerous residential off-grid clients in Canada, the Vietnamese military as well various telecommunications firms.

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