Solar and Wind Energy Projects

Matrix Energy has transferred its future solar electric (PV) business to HES-PV, one of Canada’s largest and oldest PV distribution companies. With warehouses in four provinces, HES has a large inventory of the key brands of solar modules, batteries, charge controllers and inverters.
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  Project Name
Project Location
Type of Installation
Ecole Saint-Andre Ecole Saint-André Granby, QC 3.0 kWp Building Integrated PV
PV Diesel, Arthabaska
Parc des Grands Jardins Baie St Paul, QC 21.6 kWp Hybrid PV Diesel
St-Cyr Royal (PAIESO) Abitibi Témiscaminque, QC 10.0 kWp Hybrid PV Diesel
Sepaq Anticosti hybrid pv system Sépaq Anticosti Island Anticosti Island 12.0 kWp Hybrid PV System
Parks Canada in Nunavut - off grid systems Parcs Canada Nunavut, Canada 4.2 kWp Off-grid systems (3)
Lasalle Éco-centre Ecocentre Lasalle, City of Montreal Montreal, QC 4.2 kWp Grid tie PV and two (2) Skystream3.7™ wind turbines
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PV – Diesel hybrid PV / Diesel hybrid Central Quebec 7.4 kWp Off-Grid PV / Diesel Hybrid
FX Drolet building owned by Quebec City
Quebec, QC
14.7 kWp
Grid-tied PV system tied to 3 phase 600 VAC grid service
PV systems to Laval University’s Centre for Northern Studies (Centre d’Études Nordiques - CEN)
Whapmagoostui-Kuujjuarapik, QC
37.8 kWp
Grid-tied & off-grid Photovoltaic (PV) power systems
Eureka school at Granby
Granby, QC
5.88 kWp
Stand-Alone PV system with Grid back-up
CITIG stand-alone PV system
Granby, QC
2.64 kWp
Stand-Alone PV system with Grid back-up
Rona - Reno Depot PV system
Vaudreuil-Dorion, QC
5.76 kWp
Grid-tie PV system, flat roof five (5) stand alone PV systems for LED Lighting
Réserve faunique La Vérendrye, QC
17.6 kWp
Off-Grid PV / Diesel Hybrid
British Columbia
Grid-Tie Solar Photovoltaic system featuring innovative Solyndra™ CIGS solar modules
Solar LED project - park
Beaconsfield, QC
  Solar LED lighting system 2 x 12W Floodlights
Solar LED lighting system - LED floodlights
St.Jean sur Richelieu, QC
  Solar LED lighting system 2 x 12W Floodlights
Skystream wind turbine
5.4kWp Residential Wind Power Appliances
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Grid-tie roof mounted system
Stanstead, QC
Grid-Tie PV flat roof
Solar LED streetlights
Toronto, Ontario
Autonomous PV systems
Residential grid-tie PV system
Montreal, QC
Residential grid-tie interactive PV system
Residential grid-tie PV solar electric system
Eastman, QC
BIPV system connected to the utility grid
Grid-tie solar electric system
Eastman, QC
Grid-tie solar electric system
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Grid-tie solar electric system
Kuujjuaq, QC
Grid-tie solar electric system
Hybrid energy system, wind and solar electric system
Montreal, QC
Grid-tie PV and wind energy system
Remote signalling, PV system
Collahuasi copper mine
Northern Chile
280 Wp
Remote Telecommunications
Remote Signalling project Cn Rail
Remote Signalling - CN Rail
Northern Ontario
Remote signalling
Hydro electric solar system
Mantaro - Socabaya Transmission system
Arequipa, Peru
Remote Telecommunications
Standalone PV system
Charlevoix, QC
Autonomous BIPV system

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