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Matrix Energy has transferred its future solar electric (PV) business to HES-PV, one of Canada’s largest and oldest PV distribution companies. With warehouses in four provinces, HES has a large inventory of the key brands of solar modules, batteries, charge controllers and inverters.
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Matrix Energy offers the following Value Added Services to our professional, commercial, industrial, OEM and Government partners and customers:

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System Types and Applications

Solar PV / Wind / Diesel Hybrid Power

These Stand Alone power systems include both a PV array and fossil fueled generator as charging sources for a battery bank. DC loads may be powered by the battery bank or AC loads via an inverter.

Applications include: telecom, oil & gas, provincial and national parcs, hunting and fishing lodges, mining operations, rail and radio / cellular networks.

Integrating battery banks and PV arrays into new or existing generator power systems is beneficial in many cases for the following reasons:
  1. Reduces runtimes of generator, resulting in lower maintenance, repair and operation (MRO) costs.
  2. Dual power source increases reliability through redundancy.
  3. Reduction of genset operation reduces noise pollution and Greenhouse Gas emissions.

Off-Grid Solar PV / Wind / Diesel Hybrid Power

Project Description:  17.6 kW PV integrated into battery-based diesel power system
Customer: Government of Quebec
Engineering partners: Genivar, Envitech
Location: Parc de la Vérendrye, Quebec
System installed: 2010
More info: SIQ Project
PDF download



Grid-tie, Direct Grid-tie, On-Grid or Grid-connected PV all refer to Solar PV systems that are connected directly to the utility grid.

All provinces in Canada have Net Metering programs, with the province of Ontario also offering an attractive Feed-in-Tariff (FIT) Program.

Grid Interactive or Grid-tie PV systems with batteries refer to PV systems that are connected to the utility grid with a battery bank to power critical loads during a power failure.

grid-interactive pv systems
Project: 10.78 kW flat roof Grid-tie PV, Amaranth ON

Rooftop Grid-tie PV, grid-tie

Project Description:  8.4 kW grid-tied rooftop PV (commercial 3 phase)
Customer: Government of Canada
Engineering partners: BPA
Architects: Lemay & Associés
Location: Stanstead, Quebec
System installed: 2007
More info: Stanstead Project <PDF download


Stand Alone, Off-grid or Autonomous PV systems provide power to DC or AC loads in environments where utility power is non existent and where other power sources (e.g. generators) are not feasible.

Applications are numerous including telecom, oil & gas, rail, marine, traffic & signaling, refrigeration, LED lighting, telemetry and wind measurement equipment.

Rooftop Grid-tie PV, grid-tie

Project Description:  440 Wp solar array
Customer: CN Rail
Location: Northern Ontario
More info: CN Rail Project PDF download


Fixed ground mount (post or ballasted) or PV systems installed on trackers are typical for Grid-tie, however they may also be deployed in off-grid environments.

Fixed ground mount system in Labrador
Off-Grid PV in Labrador
Photo credit: Bell Aliant

Fixed ground mount (post or ballasted) or PV systems installed on trackers

Project Description:  10 kW Grid-tie PV (MicroFIT)
Customer: Hydro Alternate Systems
Location: Ontario
System installed: 2011
Since installation in mid-January 2011, this system comprising 60, SolarWorld 175 Wp monocrystaline solar modules and 2, Xantrex 5 kW string inverters has peaked numerous times at 10.1 kW AC, or 96% of the rated power (STC) of the PV array. This information is provided to the customer via the Xantrex Communication Gateway to his PC / laptop.


As energy and climate change challenges continue to drive sustainable development projects, institutional, commercial and government customers increasingly demand renewable energy systems. Rooftop PV and Wind Energy systems help customers reduce their reliance on grid power, diversify their energy portfolio and visually demonstrate their commitment to clean energy technologies.

10kW Flush Mount Beeton
Project: 10.78 kW flush mount, Beeton ON

Reno Depot Vaudreuil - 5.8 kW PV System
Project: Reno Depot Vaudreuil 5.76 kW PV, 5 Solar LED lighting systems

Ecocentre Riviere des Prairies, 1.5 kW PV system
Project: Écocentre Rivière-des-Prairies, First Grid-tie PV in Quebec

  Skystream 45 FT Tower wind systemProject: C.S. Victoriaville, Skystream™ 3.7 on 45’ tower



Partial list of Renewable Energy projects Matrix Energy has developed with partners

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